Useless factoids that you never wanted to know about me:

  • my name is jenny [also Jen because I can’t be bothered to write out the “-ny”]
  • i’m a corporate meeting and event planner
  • i’ve got a b.s. business administration in management with a concentration in human resources.
  • i love playing the piano but am tone deaf and rhythmically challenged. in other words, i really suck at playing the piano
  • my natori name [“na” meaning name; and “tori” meaning to take]  in japanese classical dancing is Fujima Yumie.
  • i’m passionate about traveling, eating, drinking, taking pictures, experiencing new things, and accomplishing things that people tell me I can’t or are unable to do. i also love to sleep and hide at my house so it really does get in the way of these things.
  • i’m a really hard worker and will do whatever is necessary to ensure a successful program. i’m also one of the worst employees in the world because i’m so obsessive compulsive. good enough just isn’t.
  • i’m obsessed with learning anything new, discovering new skills, and having new experiences. i’m also a creature of habit and love wallowing in the familiar.
  • my favorite class in school was arts and crafts time.
  • i love cheese. it hates me.

why I started this particular blog:

a few years ago, a dear friend of mine passed away at the young age of 30. beth was someone who loved life and living so much that it was heartbreaking to watch her die. there was still so much she wanted to do with her life that she never had the opportunity to do. i vowed never to forget all the opportunities she was going to miss out on so it became my personal mission to live MY life like beth did – without fear. stupid mistakes, highs, lows, good luck, bad luck – it’s all ingredients for a life worth living.

why I travel:

i travel because it helps me to see beyond my own preconceived notions. i travel because it teaches me patience, appreciation, and acceptance.  i travel because i can.

[if you’re not a spammer and would like to contact me, please feel free to email me at: jenjenk [at] devourtheworld [dot] com. If you ARE a spammer, please leave.  Now. Seriously.]

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