Dear Japan…

by jenjenk on November 27, 2008

Dear Japan:

Upon my return home from your beautiful country, I was quite startled to discover that I can no longer fit into my pants. You see, it appears that although I felt like I walked through the entire length of Japan, I also ate my fair share of delicious foods which caused a rapid and massive weight gain.

I’m sure foods such as Okonomiyaki, pari pari (crispy) gyoza, takoyaki, kobe beef, kani kaiseki dinners, udon, ramen, tempura, warabi mochi, Unagi, Sushi, etc is not exactly considered low in calorie. Perhaps warning labels should be available for people like me who can not control themselves. Something along the lines of “you can’t stop once you start”.

I mean, it’s quite amazing to me that I did not have ONE bad meal my entire trip. Not one. I don’t know if that’s ever happened to me before. Anyhow, I just thought you should know that your food is dangerous. I don’t know how all those Japanese native women can stay so skinny…

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